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Been A While

Hi! I’m not sure who even sees this blog. But if it’s just you, I just want to say THANKS! Even if you just click/view one thing for a moment, it means a lot to me. 


I’m usually frolicking through blogs and posting all the time, but 2013 brought about change that I could not avoid. Focus had to be diverted in order for my life to function. But I do plan on posting throughout this year.

Anyway, I hope that 2014 brings you and yours the best of what you wish to come true :)

Much love,

Uninhibted African



ATTN: Audiophiles!

You can now post SoundCloud sets to your blog! Just share to Tumblr from SoundCloud or paste the set URL into the “external URL field” when creating a new audio post.

To celebrate, we put together a super rad 15-song playlist featuring some of our favorite bands on Tumblr.

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